The Hive

Assembled to Perfection

The Hive is a luxury residence where ultimate style meets impeccable design. Situated in close proximity to the US Consulate in Eko Atlantic City, this 14 floor residential apartment is designed to house an exclusive community of individuals and families who prioritize both aesthetical superiority and efficiency. Providing a network of facilities, services, and staff which creates ease of productivity for all residents, The Hive possesses important features indicative of its name, some of which are formidable security, independent supply of necessary resources to aid productivity, and its ability to attract investors.

Built with the finest materials and finishes, The Hive is easily identified by its exquisite views as well as state-of-the-art home facilities and perfectly designed and well-proportioned 2 and 3 bedroom apartments assembledto perfection.


    Project Amenities

    Swimming pool

    Large Living Space


    24hrs Concierge Service


    Advanced Infrastructure

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